Adaptive. Versatile. Engaged. These are the tenets that define Williams Architects. Since founding the firm in 1983, John C. Williams has understood that a company is only as good as its people, and Williams has developed a team of architects who personify these ideas and share his passion for revitalizing communities through their buildings.


At Williams Architects, we put our projects into a larger context, such as how we always consider the architectural character of a neighborhood when starting a new construction project. With every adaptive reuse project, our architects honor the original design while pushing the building’s usage into the present, creating a dialogue between old and new. Led by John C. Williams’ 35 years of experience in historic preservation, our staff has the expert knowledge to shepherd any project -- both adaptive reuse and new construction -- from start to finish.


With a team of 18 architects and interior designers, Williams Architects has experience in a wide array of projects as shown throughout this site . With the diverse skill sets found at Williams Architects, the firm has the versatility to meet a client’s needs for virtually any project.


Williams Architects is heavily engaged with both the community and the client. The firm has spent decades building trust with regulatory agencies from the departments within New Orleans City Hall to the State Fire Marshal to the National Park Service and more. These agencies trust Williams Architects will work in the best interest of the community, and no firm is better positioned to do so. We deeply understand the physical, political, and cultural characteristics of our city. With our focus on adaptive reuse and eight LEED accredited professionals on staff, we strive to find cost-effective, environmentally-conscious solutions that benefit both our clients and our community.


Further, client engagement is a top priority at Williams Architects. We are unparalleled in our ability to meet a client’s program, budget, and schedule. We also collaborate with the client at all levels, from initial concept to design to construction. To us, engagement is more than simply providing updates; it is about listening to the client’s needs and orchestrating our design process around them, making the client a true partner in the process.


Adaptive. Versatile. Engaged. These are the driving principles of Williams Architects, and they resonate through everything we do.   At Williams Architects, we see buildings as more than just projects; they are the structures that hold communities together.